Have a Heart—Don’t Buy Wool

I know this post is a little harsh and the picture is even worse but think about how that sheep feels? The harsh reality is we are creating this unnecessary suffering. The desire to produce mass amounts of wool has lead to the decline of the ethical treatment for these animals, wool was once considered expensive, the reason it is more available and affordable is clearly due to the mass production and the lack of standards of farming lamb for their wool. All at the hands of suffering sheep.

Have a Heart—Don’t Buy Wool

Via Heather Drennan, Special Assistant PETA

Sheep are gentle, intelligent animals, but in the Australian wool industry—which produces most of the world’s merino wool—many are subjected to the barbaric mulesing mutilation. Farmers cut huge chunks of skin and flesh from lambs’ backsides—often without the use of painkillers—in a cruel and crude attempt to prevent the maggot infestation known as “flystrike.” Every wool scarf, sweater, and hat contributes to the pain and suffering of tens of millions of lambs every year.

In addition to suffering because of mulesing, every year, 4 million live sheep are exported by ship to the Middle East and North Africa for slaughter. Most are forced to endure filthy conditions, and many succumb to disease or starvation.

Please help us speak up for sheep today and sign the pledge not to wear wool. See a list of wool-free clothing options,  be a part of the wool campaign so that you can stand up for lambs today.

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