Vancouver Pizza Amore!

It seems that the previous owners of Loving Hut have opened shop again with a new idea! Pizza! That’s right, Vancouver has a new Vegan Pizza place.

When Loving Hut burned down it left a void in our plant based foodie hearts, Loving Vegan Pizza has brought back pizza Amore! The pizza was the best thing at Vancouver’s Loving Hut, so it’s fitting that they’ve gone with a pizzeria concept for the new spot.

Loving Vegan Pizza offers up a selection of pizzas, lasagna and pastas all served with an assortment of toppings and using my all time favorite cheese “Daiya Cheese” Have you tried this cheese? It melts, it’s delicious and it’s vegan! Need I say more?

It seems plant-based living is getting quite mainstream, with all the little shops popping up all over Vancouver it seems to me that there is definitely a niche in this city for plant-based restaurants and retail outlets. Vancouver got its first vegan retail bakery recently called Edible Flours (2280 West Broadway) and Vancouver first vegan shoe store Got Nice shoes has also opened up recently (3568 Fraser Street) Way to go Vancouver, you’re growing up so fast!

With all this spring rain I think I’ll stay in and watch a movie and order in my Loving Vegan Pizza, and if by chance the sun comes out we might head down to the beach and watch the sunset, either way with all these choices the hardest part will be what wine to open.

Loving Vegan Pizza is located at (2119 Kingsway) Open seven days a week, offering takeout and delivery.

Deconstructing Supper with John Bishop of BISHOP’S

The film follows chef John Bishop, who owns the five star restaurant Bishop’s in Vancouver BC, Canada, John’s customers challenge his knowledge of food and he is forced to explore how food is grown and what is really in it. More and more customers begin to ask questions about the food that was being served and he realized that he himself did not know the answers. A person whose whole life is food even naming the restaurant after himself, Bishop is stumped when a customer asks him if the food he is serving is genetically modified, he confesses that he doesn’t know what that means. In this film Bishop travels take you from Canada to England and as far as India to discover the new and the old ways when it comes to growing food.

Even though this was filmed in 2002, I would say it is even more relevant today as more and more attempts are made to bring additional GMO crops into the food chain, both in the US and abroad. We are also seeing the real cost for oil beyond what we pay at the pump. Most food is trucked an average of 1500 miles, large scale commercial agriculture uses huge amounts of oil and those chemicals used on crops are usually petroleum based. Did you know that the USA is borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf, this oil is destroying the planet and our food.

The greatest thing to me is when people get involved change happens, just by saying no. We can use this as an inspiration for all of us to ask questions and make real choices about what path we take on what foods we put in our bodies; our loved ones too. Discover how to make better choices, buy local, buy organic when possible, get your food from places that care about the food they sell, educate each other and collaborate with your family on how you can all work together to attain optimum food for health and earth.

If we all “deconstructed” our meals what would we find; if we knew would we still want to eat what was on our plate? Shopping local is an easy way to do this in order to know what you are eating. When you eat out ask questions so restaurant owners know that this is important to their customers, after all they need us. It was because of customers asking questions that John Bishop investigated the state of food and made a change in his restaurant to serving primarily organic and locally produced products.

I leave you with this: keep in mind that we have the power to make change as consumers. Businesses operate by our demand. Big and small companies need our business. It is time to stop following the dictates of these companies and tell them what we want and what we will buy. Watch the film, keep learning, ask questions and let’s keep working together to achieve what we all deserve: optimum health, healthy food, healthy land and a long happy life.

Bishops 2183 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada V6K 1N7
604 738 2025

Edible Flours Vegan Bakery ~Open For Business

Edible Flours natural vegan bakery is open! I just had dinner with a few girlfriends at Radha last night and my friend Julia said she’s been there almost everyday since its opened and its delicious! While I actually haven’t been yet we plan to meet there next Friday for coffee and treats.

Vancouver has long needed a bakery offering egg free, gluten free, wheat and soy free all natural baked goods for a long time. The NYC couple who moved to Vancouver were just not satisfied with the lack of and started their own bakery. I’m glad they did.

There are so many reasons to choose natural unrefined goodies and desserts. Whether you are lactose intolerant or have celiac. Whether you are vegetarian for the animals or trying to do the best that you can for the earth. Even if you are just looking for the healthiest and best quality products you can find Edible Flours natural bakery offers them all. Treats can be made to order, and delivered too!

Check them out! Located at 2280 West Broadway, Vancouver (Kitsilano) 604-734-8351

You can change the world one bit at a time~ Paul and Alli (Edible Flours)

An Organic Lives Lunch with Preet Marwaha

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with Preet Marwaha, owner and founder of Organic Lives. Organic Lives is located one block from the Main St. skytrain staion at 1829 Quebec; you can’t miss the old red brick building right on the corner.

Inside you will find Preet buzzing about attending to patrons and staff which he refers to as family, the happy faces vary, from the business like to the organic devotes.

The first thing I learned from one of the helpful family members, is that Preet makes and jars his own spices (YUM) with healthy being the main ingredient in all the food, and after personally reviewing the menu and enjoying my own lunch; you can see why Organic Lives has become so popular.

Preet started Organic Lives because he cares about the environment and its direct connection with the food we eat. After being forced to leave the corporate world he moved from Calgary to Vancouver to open up the first Organic Lives. With new locations on the horizon including a downtown take out window. Organic Lives is making it easy to access environmentaly healthy meals on the go.

Preet himself is a recovered colitis sufferer, he explained how he cured him self through a vegan diet. After years of failed medical advice it was the food that was able to make him healthy again.

Everything at Organic Lives is compostable, even the ink  for the labels is used from vegtable die. All the food is purchased from local farmers and homemade in house.

I look forward to my next visit at Organic Lives it was nutritious and delicious.  FYI, there are cooking classes too, every Thursday night!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Preet, he is so passionate about what he does. When you go say hello for me, and get one of the smoothies, they are divine!

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Dining Vegan in Vancouver

Dining out, especially with friends, can be one of the more stressful aspects of being a vegan or veg. First, you have to find a place that caters to your meat-free, dairy-free diet; then, you have to convince your meat-hungry friends to join you there. For anyone who’s tried, it can be a hard sell.

Eating and socializing should be pleasurable, not a hassle. Luckily in Vancouver, eating vegan is not so hard when you know where to go. The city is filled with a variety of restaurants offering vegan and meat dishes on the same menu. I suggest if your uncertain that a restaurant may not have what you need, call ahead. No one even has to know. I find that most are happy to accommodate.

Nuba – Lebanese food at its most scrumptious! Get the Najib’s Special!

Sha Lin Noodle House – Amazing hand-cut noodles and pan-fried dumplings. The curried-flavoured tofu and cutting noodles are a great vegan option, and the fried eggplant and tomatoes are addictive.

Joey’s – I know what you’re thinking (Joey’s?!), but yes, Joey’s allows diners to substitute the meat in several of its dishes with fake chicken; the ginger “beef” is particularly popular. A terrific option when dining out with a group of non-veg-heads!

Annapurna –  Head to this West 4th vegetarian Indian restaurant for consistently delicious food.

Bandidas Taqueria – Expect vegetarian and vegan tacos, handmade tortillas; fresh ingredients; cold local brew and a good collection of current and nostalgic indie tunes. Plus, they culture their own vegan sour cream!

Grub – Word on the street is this Main Street favourite uses seasonally fresh ingredients to serve up two vegetarian entrees every day, one of which is always vegan. They even offer a daily vegan dessert.

Organic Lives – A little piece of raw, organic, vegan heaven, serving up nutrient-rich creative meals to hungry vegans and vegetarians, Near Cambie at Quebec and East 2nd Ave.

Saravana Bhavan –  South Indian food on Broadway at Oak! Great service and plenty of space for a crowd. (This chain also has restaurants in India.)

Foundation Lounge – The creative menu makes this place a real treat, especially as the aprons behind the counter increasingly become more adept at their trade. Best bet: black beans and rice with banana.

The Truffle Cafe at Eternal Abundance – Menu consists of soups, rice dishes, raw food dishes, and more. Get a whiff of this place when your inside, Truffle Cafe? Need I say more.

Cafe deux Soleils – Come here for a yummy vegan breakfast on the weekend or for their awesome vegan cookies when you need an afternoon pick-me-up! Their focaccia sandwich with sunflower seed/sundried tomato pate is yummy too.

Slickety Jim’s – Speaking of breakfast, Slickety Jim’s has one vegan option on its brunch menu and, it is worth the trip!

Habit – Another Main St spot, this place is great for gathering with vegan and non-vegan friends who appreciate well-crafted food, excellent flavouring, local wine and feeling cool. Now with a new menu.

Cafe Kathmandu – For Nepalese food made with the freshest of ingredients and served with a smile, head to this Commercial Dr neighbourhood restaurant.

Radha Yoga & Eatery – Wednesday through Saturday, find incredible organic, local vegan (and often raw)

The Naam – Yes, yes, everyone knows The Naam. Open late, offering a wide range of vegan options (Mmmm, the Naam Bowl!), we keep coming back even though the service is epically slow!

Budgie’s Burritos – Near the intersection of Main and Kingsway (on Kingsway), these will knock your socks off! Try the potato – you won’t be sorry!

Gorilla Food – Organic, vegan, raw and downtown. I love the smell of hemp In the air at this place, I feel helathier just sitting there.

Dharma Kitchen – Curry spices, nuts and a bounty of fresh veggies. West Broadway.

Jamaican Pizza Jerk – Chef Bounty serves several vegan dishes, including vegan rotis.  His vegan pizzas and Irie bowls are a particular treat.

Rebellious Tomato Gourmet Pizza – Good thin crust pizza made from organic and gluten free ingredients. Vegan Cheese will make a custom vegan-friendly pizza.

The Refinery – I seriously love this dish, you have to try it, it’s in the small plates section of the menu but it can easily be served as a main. stuffed portobello mushroom, stuffed with vegan cashew red pepper pate, arugula pesto.

Loving Hut –  Simple and simply delicious,  West Broadway

Red Door – Offering yummy noodles and dishes that can be made for vegan or veg, when I am in the mood for some yumy nodles this is the place I like to be. Try the Sichuan beans. Don’t forget to substitute the egg noodles.

Bistro Sakana – I love the  sundried tomatoe rolls (mmmmmm so hearty)

Fresh Bowl – I love the online ordering! Makes take out even easier, located on Pacific Bvld . The name Fresh Bowl is exactly that, I recommend the Temple Salad with tahini dressing (Drool)

Snail House Bakery – Vegan cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and other goodies.

The Wallflower – The wallflower is a place for everyone to come together and enjoy a meal, Braekfast, lunch and dinner. Omnivores, vegan and vegetarians and gluten -freeaters are welcome.

Pho Central – A good ol’e bowl of fresh Pho on a rainy day, try theVeggie Rice Noodle Soup served with a slice of lime, bean sprouts, chilies and basil leaves.

The Eatery – Welcome to The Funkiest place for Japanese food. Take a peek at some of their veggie rolls, Buddah Roll, Popeye Roll, Spicey Veggie, The Sunshine Roll and so much more!

Splits Grill –  With Locations in Vancouver and Whistler these burgers made to order are delightful!  With a mixture or meat and veg it’s a great place for lunch for a mix of meat and veggie lover’s alike, try the spicy lentil burger.

The Perch –  Catering to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets. Omnivore’s welcome.

bon appetite

Granville Magazine, Urban Spoon, Dine Here Vancouver

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The Refinery Vancouver (Vegan on The Menu)

I came across this delicious meal at the Refinery located at 1115 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC.  It was completely VEGAN, not can I take out this and substitute that to be Vegan but an actual Vegan item on the menu.

I was so happy to see that word Vegan on the menu , I felt proud to see Vancouver’s local restaurants making small changes to accommodate a fast growing group of Vegan eaters in the city.

The item is a Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with red pepper and cashew “pate”, fresh dill, arugula pesto, it is filling and divine.

It was so delicious,  I have been trying to get back there ever since. Don’t take my word for it try it for your self. With an amazing wine list and  funky atmosphere and now with Vegan on the menu, you’re sure to have a pretty great time.

Eating Out Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

Looking for a restaurant for your Vegan or Vegetarian life style can be hard but with the number of restaurants popping up and growing and everyone realizing that being sustainable is a good way of ensuring our future, I have listed a group of sustainable restaurants in Vancouver. Most of which would be also happy to cater to your diet needs.

As consumption increases and life-sustaining resources decline, we are faced with a growing crisis for the earth to sustain the demand for its resources.

The concept of “eating well” now encompasses a much broader spectrum, entailing more than taste alone.

A new emphasis on quality ingredients combined with an awareness of the social, cultural, ethical and environmental impacts of food production is changing restaurants.

Here is a list of sustainable restaurants that almost all have a non meat choice on the menu:

Bistro Pastis
C Restaurant
Cactus Club Café
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill
Culinary Capers Catering
Curry 2 U – Granville Island
Edible Planet Catering
Elixir at the Opus Hotel
Emelle’s Catering
Le Gavroche
Goldfish Pacific Kitchen
Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.
Hamilton Street Grill 1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Joey’s Restaurant
O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar
Major the Gourmet Catering
Mr. Pickwick’s Fish & Chips
NU Restaurant + Lounge
Ouisi Bistro
Peake of Catering
Radha Yoga & Eatery
Raincity Grill
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
Roundel Café 2465 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Salt Tasting Room
Savoury City Catering
Terra Breads – Kitsilano
The Lazy Gourmet
UBC Foodservices
Vancouver Aquarium
Whistler Cooks Catering
Wild Rice
ZIN Restaurant & Lounge