The Dairy Alternative

I have had a lot of friends ask me lately about dairy alternatives, since I’m sure there are lot’s more people looking for alternatives I thought I woud write a short blog post on your options for dairy alternatives.

For every dairy product, there is a cruelty-free alternative. Choosing alternatives for cow’s milk offers you lower fat and calories and also contains no cholesterol. In addition in your choice to go dairy free, you choose in avoiding casein , did you know that dairy products don’t provide your body with calcium, in fact milk products deplete your body of calcium contributing to osteoporosis. Not to mention the in-humane reasons to avoid dairy. With todays options it’s so easy to avoid dairy.




Soy, rice, hemp, or any nut milk like almond can replace cow’s milk in any recipe. Soy and rice milks are available in a variety of flavors including plain, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  For desserts, try using almond, oat, or coconut milk.

For whipped cream, try Rich’s brand nondairy whipping cream, beaten until stiff peaks form. You can find it at most specialty stores like Whole Foods, Choices, Capers. If they don’t carry it ask them to bring it in for you.

For buttermilk, combine one cup soy milk and one tablespoon vinegar.

Silk brand creamer makes an excellent coffee creamer.



For your baking needs you can buy EnerG egg replacer from choices. whole foods, or even Safeway. Want  eggs for breakfast? try a tofu scramble, Oprah likes it too!  or try my fave Tofu eggs benny



There are plenty of convenient alternatives to cheese

Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative by Follow Your Heart brand comes in mozzarella, nacho, Monterey jack, and cheddar flavors and contains no casein (a milk derivative). You’ll find it in natural food stores or online at

Daiya Cheese, also a good brand and it melts, again containing no casein.

Parmesan cheese, try Soymage vegan parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast flakes. nutrition yeast flakes are good in soups and stews or add to cream soups. I know that Choices carries a vegan parmesan but I can’t think of the name.

Try making your own nut cheese, great for parties.



Tofutti brand makes a wide variety of soy cheeses, including nondairy cream cheese, as well as vegan sour cream and ice cream. The sour cream is better than the cow milk version in my opinion.



Cottage cheese or ricotta cheese can be replaced with crumbled or seasoned tofu. To turn your tofu into feta try following this recipe , Feta Cheese Recipe from



Vegenaise is an excellent alternative to mayonnaise.



Earth Balance can be used in place of any recipe that calls for butter or margarine, or try it on it’s own.



Try Silk or Whole Soy brand vegan yogurt alone or in a recipe.



There is a wide variety of vegan ice cream available on the market. Try Soy DeliciousSoy or Rice Dream or Tofutti, my favorite brand is Larry and Lunas Coconut Bliss.



You can easily replace a cream sauce with nuts, cashews work best. Never heard of making cream sauce with cashews? Click here for the recipe.


2 thoughts on “The Dairy Alternative

  1. Great article! There certainly is a tasty alternative to every dairy product, so there’s no reason to consume unhealthful dairy. My favorites are the coconut milk, coffee creamers, yogurt, and ice cream made by So Delicious. They are indescribably delicious!

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