Polenta With Mushrooma

15 mushrooms of any type, I used brown

3 handfuls of spinach (reduces into nothing)


3 garlic  cloves

Vegan or Asiago Cheese



Saute mushrooms with a little olive oil , add a pinch of sea salt, remove from pan. Slice polenta,  brown on both sides. In a food processor place about 7-9 mushrooms with a pinch of sea salt and a splash of olive oil to  puree,  heat and  plate, remove polenta from the pan and place on top of the pureed mushrooms. Now that your pan is empty take 2 heaping handfuls of spinach and saute in pan with a table spoon of balsamic don’t over cook, takes about a minute, place spinach on top of polenta add your sauteed mushrooms to top and sprinkle with fresh asiago or vegan cheese.  Enjoy! Recipe is for 2

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