Choose The Top 6 Eco Packaging Suggestions

Top 6 Eco Packaging Suggestions

1. Choose renewable and recyclable glass. You don’t have to worry about the numbers because all glass can be recycled. If you’re worried about the amount of energy used to ship your glass contained products then look for local labels.

2. Numbers. If you must buy plastic know your numbers, check the bottom for numbers that tell you the plastics are recyclable, like #1 and #2. (See the City-by-City guide to learn what can be recycled in your city.)

3. Buy Dry Goods. If you’re picking up something like broth, the powdered kind goes a lot further than the canned. If you must buy canned make sure you look for BPA free cans, not all aluminum cans are the same;  producing recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy than producing aluminum from bauxite, an aluminum ore, but you wouldn’t know what one to choose because they don’t label cans, the bonus to skipping  cans is you can skip cancer causing BPA. If you have to buy canned choose companies you can trust to use BPA-Free cans

4. Buy in bulk, shop where they sell bulk and fill up your re-useable container, you can also use your own  your own coffee mug for your daily java at your local cafe, other places to re-use your container is at the salad bar! The choices are endless.

5. It’s in the bag! When you cart home all of your bulk goods please us a non-plastic bag! Use cloth bags  instead of plastic.

6. Good things come in small packages. Often foods like cereals that come in smaller boxes contain the same amount of, say, mueslix, as the bigger boxes that are just full of air. Compare product weight to be sure. Or you can make your own cereal from your bulk products you just bought. The bonus! you will know whats in it and it will probably taste better.

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