Ethical Shopping “Ethical Dilema”

Ethical shopping

I shop a lot, I love fashion but I still struggle with leather vs pleather or any alternative ethical material, don’t get me wrong I would happily choose a more ethical product if they actually made a fashionable one. I’ve seen other people wear cool pleather jackets, and I own the coolest pleather bag, so why can’t I seem to find more?

 This includes shoes, bags, belts and jackets. I don’t deny that I love the idea of a vegan lifestyle and when it comes down to my choices I do pretty good for the most part. I choose ethical products, ethical food and try my best at ethical clothing. The first stage is awareness and I am really trying. I really am.

I’ve seen some really great non leather materials out there, I even own some, even so that my very snotty fashionable friends actually thought my non leather bag was leather. So tell me this, why can’t these manufactures just copy the styles of some of the cool shoes, bags and belts out there and make non leather versions? Like these from Nine West, I love these boots but I just couldn’t bring my self to buy them. In the back of my head all I can see is some poor cow giving it’s life for my fashion addiction. This is such a struggle for me. It also was a shock to find out how lambs are treated for wool. It’s all very distrurbing.

If you go high end there’s Stella McCartney her stuff is great but wow it’s expensive! No thanks! I’ve been know to spend some cash but come on! I did recently find some great ethical boots at Nice Shoes and I have to say I am loving them! They also carry these  fantastic runners . Most of my non leather bags I find at Urban Outfitters. If you know of any great stores or links to online ordering please let me know. I just ask that you don’t suggest pleather Doc Martins, I’m over the 90’s! but there they are on every ethical shoe site!

Nice Shoes 3568 Fraser Street (between E 19th & 20th) Vancouver, BC  604-558-3000

Urban Outfitters 830 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2C9 604) 685-1970

2 thoughts on “Ethical Shopping “Ethical Dilema”

  1. My thought is that the most ethical and sustainable shopping is less shopping. By cutting down our consumption overall and focusing on our needs versus out latest “wants” we’ll have a much bigger impact on the total production of goods and the waste that goes with “out with the old, in with the new.” Combine this with programs like the VPD runs to repurpose old cell phones to women in the downtown east side, vintage clothing fetching more money than the original items sometimes cost, and that guy who managed to turn 4 litre pop bottles into solar lighting in slums (, and we’re on the right track. IMHO.

  2. I am addicted to vegan shopping lol, here is my arsenal of info…
    -If you go to Lulus.Com, under ‘Shoes’ there is a ‘Vegan’ section.
    -Michael Antonio is also a PETA friendly company…MichaelAntonio.Com.
    -Also Luichiny Brand has many vegan options but some leather so just be sure to read the fine`print.
    -Qupid shoes are 99% vegan and so are Bamboo.
    -Big Buddha is a vegan company…EBigBuddha.Com, I don’t know if their shoes are on line but they have other things to offer as well as shoes. I love their purses, I have 2.
    -Matt And Nat is an ‘Upper’ vegan bag and accessory company, find the thing you like and wait it out. It will go on sale and it is so worth it. MattAndNat.Com.
    -All of the shoes on UrbanOG.Com are vegan as well as GoJane.Com.
    – VauteCouture.Com for vegan coats.
    – OlsenHaus.Com for vegan shoes.
    I think I’m done 🙂

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