Milk does a body good?

From Milk Factory to Table in Ten Easy Steps!

  1. Artificially inseminate a cow
  2. Inject antibiotics into a cow (because corn fed cows have E-Coli)
  3. When the cow gives birth to a baby, take the baby away (ya, okay, so the mother’s gonna mourn and cry for 5 days…)
  4. Sell the calf for $300 for veal ($10 if the calf is sick from malnutrition from not drinking it’s mother’s milk) or kill it by hitting it with a hammer (normal practice) and leave it to die for up to 48 hours
  5. Milk the cow for six months while it lactates (that milk was supposed to be for the calf you killed)
  6. Pasteurize the milk to kill the E-Coli and Salmonella bacteria.
  7. Bottle the milk and pour down the drain any excess milk you produce (the Milk Industry/Board has quotas).
  8. Ship the milk to the store.
  9. Buy the milk.
  10. Feed the milk to you and your kids (with the antibiotics in it and the side effects).

If this upsets you and you don’t want this to occur, simply pick the first step you’re actually involved in today and stop doing it. That actually breaks the cycle.

So where does this "really" come from?

Sound easy?

Need alternatives (they taste different but one of these you’ll like):

  • Soy Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Hemp Milk

3 thoughts on “Milk does a body good?

  1. Oh Come On!
    there are many more steps

    a) DANG – you forgot the hormones!
    b) factory cows act as concentrators of pesticides, herbicides and other residues- that come from petro-Ag corn
    c) cows eventually die from petro-Ag corn
    d) proteins and fats in factory milk are not at all what pasture raised cows produce – so your kids are getting weird nutrition
    e) antibiotic-resistent MRSA is now spreading thru cows, pigs and poultry

  2. Steve – it’s weird that they don’t show all that extra free stuff included in milk on the label. I can see it now: 100% more hormones than your daily requirement, toxic pesticide residue flavour, free flesh eating bacteria in every carton.

    • Steve/Mike Great points!:) actually made me laugh out loud, as we joke at the simplicity of the breakdown, when we break it down I see we all agree that it’s no laughing matter, that’s why I love this post, thanks for filling in the blanks Steve.

      I have a feeling that if most mother’s could see the breakdown of what is actually in the milk and dairy products they buy for their families they’d make the change almost immediately.

      On top of that, knowing how the cow’s babies are treated and the pain the mother goes through from the loss would compell them to think about the humanity. Not to mention the simular teatment of chicks for eggs, but that’s a whole other post;)

      Thanks for the comments.

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