This Mother’s Day ~Take A Stand Against Cruelty

This mothers day wear a cow ribbon, by wearing a cow ribbon you are contributing to raising awareness about the cruelty inherent in the dairy industry. Dairy cows endure the traumatic loss of a calf every year so that humans can take their milk.

The dairy industry spends a lot of money on advertising. You can find dairy ads in magazines, on television, in school cafeterias and on billboards. It is almost impossible to grow up in our society without being told how great dairy products are. The truth is dairy is about profit and not about our health. Click here to read more.

Despite appearing unexpressive by human standards, cattle are a sophisticated bunch who communicate with each other on many levels. Under natural circumstances, cattle live in herds with social hierarchies and form lifelong bonds with each other.

Cows are especially dedicated to their young and the bond formed between a mother and her calf remains long after the baby has grown to adulthood. Separation causes them tremendous stress and agitation. If mother and calf are separated by a fence, the mother will wait for her calf, even through harsh conditions like intense heat or cold weather, hunger and thirst. Cows have even been known to break fences and walk miles to be reunited with calves that were sold at auction.

One can imagine the trauma a dairy cow must feel when her calf is taken from her shortly after birth. It’s well known to farmers but rarely discussed that mother cows continue to frantically call and search for their babies for days after the calves have been sold off to veal farms.  A mother’s milk and good exercise are crucial to the growth of a happy calf. In a natural environment, a calf nurses for up to eight months. In a factory farm they don’t get much more than the a few days or hours before being taken off to be auctioned or slaughtered for veal.

When put to the test, many cows have proved to be quite good at problem solving. What’s more, a study led by Donald Broom, a professor at the University of Cambridge, found that cows enjoyed intellectual challenge and got excited when they overcame obstacles. It’s no wonder that cows raised for slaughter have been known to plan escapes, leaping six-foot fences or swimming across rivers.

Could you imagine if your young were taken away from you, there are so many things wrong with dairy industry and we have so much to learn about what goes on surrounding our choices around food. I believe if people knew the truth that these industries would be less accepted. This Mother’s Day make a stand for all mothers including the loving dairy cows and wear your cow ribbon: dairy cows are symbolic representatives of all of the animal mothers whose lives and reproductive systems are manipulated by humans. The cow ribbon is a symbol of your concern for these suffering and abused mothers. Please take a stand and speak out for them. Click  here to get your cow ribbon.

The video below is a beautiful reunion of a cow named Karma and her young calf, you can see haer the pain in her cries as she moo’s for her young calf, the excitement she has when she is reunited with her calf is unforgettable and something I hope will stay with you, it’s a beautiful reunion and I hope that one day we can all agree to put an end to factory farming. Consider eliminating dairy or reducing your intake significantly.

Love thy cow and love thy earth, respect all that has a willingness to live, love and take care of it’s young for we are all sentiment beings.

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