BC Vegan Wines (via Epicurvegan)

Including me many of us a have already switched our plates to a more plant-based lifestyle or at least switched to having more meat free dishes, and, as the health benefits of eating plant-based become more mainstream so do our local BC wineries, they too are taking the main stage. More vegans and vegetarians are pouring a glass with their meatless meals. We may be more health conscious, but we don’t want to give up good taste or great wine, we just want to make sure that the wine we pick fit’s with our ethics around our food. For those of you that are not vegan or vegetarian don’t you want a pure wine free of impurities? Epicurvegan provides a helpful list of local BC wines that fit’s just that. Thank god! Below is the information I kindly borrowed from Epicurian. Check out the site.

BC Vegan Wines via Epicurvegan