Best Lip Balm EVER!!!

The Scentuals Peppermint twist lip conditioner is addicting! I have retired any lip gloss, lip stick, or balm I have been using in the past and before I leave the house I always look for my Peppermint twist lip conditioner.  This local B.C, Canadian product has inspired me to try more from the Scentuals line.  I’ll keep you posted! It keep’s my lips moisturized, minty fresh and free of any chapping or drying. Purchased at Choices. Click here for testimonials on Scentuals products.

NOTE: This product does contain beeswax, so it’s not VEGAN friendly, something I didn’t notice prior to my purchase, I usually read the ingredients. I’m writing them to ask that they re consider using beeswax and to produce a beeswax free product for the future.

Click here to find out why we should be conscious of our use of bees and beeswax for products and food.

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