Easy After Dinner Treat

Do you ever have those after dinner sweet cravings? Those nights when you just need a little something? Me too! I was looking through a raw food blog that inspired me and it got me thinking, I wondered if I had anything in my cupboard to make something. I grabbed a bunch of ingredients and my husband asked me what I was planning to make? I replied I don’t know and we laughed.Well my random concoction was delicious!!  I don’t really know exactly how much I used of each ingredient but this is as good a guess as any. My recipe for a random after dinner treat.

After Dinner Treat/Makes approx 6 balls


1/2 cup raw almonds

2 T cocoa

3 T agave

1 T raw peanut butter

1/4 cup wheat germ


Place almonds, cocoa, agave and wheat germ in a food processor; blend all together, add peanut butter and blend some more, roll into balls and then roll balls in wheat germ, no cooking, no fuss.


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