Forks Over Knives~ Coming March 2011

I had the opportunity to attend the screening of Forks Over Knives presented by Vancouver’s Liberation BC, co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library.

Robert Cheeke flew up from the US to introduce the film and answer questions. More than 300 people showed for the screening, there were some disappointed faces that had to be turned away. This is an extremely important film,  an eye-opening experience. For those who missed this screening, the film will be in theatres late March to early April. Be sure to go see it.

There is a food revolution taking place, with groups like Liberation BC leading the way for Vancouver, I’m certain that we are on the right track to leading a much healthier lifestyle, we are exposed, educated and more informed, with films like these we are able to gain a clearer perspective.

Screenings and film sources are an important way to reach a wide circle of people, changing behaviours and more importantly promoting health and combating fatal disease and even preventing death.

Please check back and visit Liberation BC for upcoming events!

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