Urban Outfitters “vegan sweaters”

On my mad search for sweaters not made from wool, wool blend, angora or fleece, I started to get a little annoyed and found my self questioning why I was making vegan choices. Then I reminded my self the suffering that goes on during the process of getting the curly hair off the backs of millions of sheep on to the backs of millions of people. Crap! Why does the wool industry have to be so cruel!

Urban Outfitters carries some really great, stylish, acrylic sweaters! I found at least 10 different sweaters 2 of which became my favorite sweaters. When I wear them just knowing that I haven’t contribute to the suffering of any animal makes me feel good. I had no idea how warm acrylic was.

To my surprise this unisex store also carries vegan friendly bags, shoes, belts, and jackets!

Check out Urban Outfitters Vancouverites! Located on Granville Street, Happy Shopping!

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