World getting you down? give back!

Welcome to the holidays! Are you like me and this time of year sorta gets you down? When the world gets you down what do you do? I like to give back. My giving back is designated mostly to helping animals. My blog is an outlet to give love and dedication to animals in need. To bring awareness in hopes of opening the minds of others. The holidays are not everyone’s favorite time of year, not only are they not mine but I have to share my birthday with the holidays too. While having a birthday so close to Christmas is a real bummer, I have decided the only thing better than receiving gifts is giving them.

So like I said it’s my birthday! What am I going to do? Give back of course. I’m going to visit the animals at SAINTS. I will be bringing love, treats and toys.

I have blogged about SAINTS, you might have read it? or not. If you haven’t SAINTS is a seniors home for animals, a place where elderly animals mostly cats and dogs but they have others residing on the farm as well, a place where elderly animals can receive the proper medical attention and love to live out their final days comfortably.

Lot’s of these animals arrive at SAINTS because their caregiver was not able to afford the needs of their pet. Please remember when you get a pet that they age and require medical attention, they get sick just like we do. It’s sad to think that a lot of these pets end up in shelters after years of being a dedicated family pet. It’s a good thing for places like SAINTS. Unfortunately there are not more places like these.

I’m looking forward to this visit, I hope you will come back for my story and photos about how I spent my 37th birthday with the animals at SAINTS.

Thanks for reading!


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