The Gift Of Giving

It’s that time of year again and there is nothing better than the gift of giving. Giving back is the ultimate gift. It’s all to common that we get caught up in our desires to want more, especially in this abundant society. We are so fortunate, and there is no better way of showing how appreciative and blessed we are than by giving back.

Conventional wisdom would say that the less you give, the more you have. The converse is true. The more you give, the more you have. Abundance creates the ability to give; giving creates abundance. This principle is true in every area of your life.

There are very few acts of goodness in our lives that compare to the act of giving. That’s because true giving is completely selfless. It comes with no strings attached. Giving is about focusing on the needs of another while leaving your own goals and desires behind. Giving reminds us of how rich our lives are and how easily we can make a real impact on those around us.

The 7 Cards Of Appreciation

Have you ever heard of the 7 cards of appreciation gift? You take 7 cards, decorate them anyway you like. On the 7 cards you write 7 kind gestures for the person receiving the gift to do as a task. I’ll give you some examples:

1. Go to your local Starbucks and purchase 4 warm drinks of your choice, hand them out to 4 people who look like they could use a hot drink.

2. Call someone who has affected your life in a positive way, tell them how much you appreciate them but don’t tell them why you are calling.

3. Give all the money you have in your wallet including change and give it to a person less fortunate. The person giving the gift can have this ready in advance.

4. Offer someone on the street less fortunate something to eat, anything they choose, and as much as they like. No matter the cost,  if you are on a budget pick a place.

You get the idea, you just need to offer what you are able to give or provide a kind gesture. You can make up your own ways of giving back. I’m sure you can come up with some great ones.

Last year my friend Nicole gave me the gift of giving through a donation. It was one of the best gifts I received. She made a donation in my honor to Mugesi at  Best Friends Animal Society.

Sabrina, Thank you for being such a caring, thoughtful person, Sabrina! You are an inspiration for all of us to get out there and make a difference. I know how much you love dogs, and this little guy reminded me of Chico so much! Nicole xo

Mugesi is a boy with a lot of spunk! Of course, this sassy personality might be due to the pain he has had in his eye for a long time. He had chronic glaucoma that was left untreated and was causing him a lot of pain. The only way to make Mugesi feel better was to remove the eye.

Mugesi was brought here because his previous person had passed away and the family couldn’t care for him anymore with his special health problem. Of course, I am sure once he makes a solid recovery, Mugesi will be in great spirits and ready to find a new home.

Here are some great links for other places that could benefit from your giving back. Have you ever heard of the Adopt A Turkey Project? Some others that I donate too are  SAINTS, Hearts On Noses or the BCSPCA. There are so many animal charities to choose from.

I hope you will consider the gift of giving this holiday season! It’s a simple, easy gesture that can make a world of difference. Happy Holidays!

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