In The Making Of My Shoes

Non leather shoes are one of the most frustrating things to find! You can find them but in my experience they are either ugly or dorky.

Im sure you have all heard this when someone states the leather being of good quality or cheap, I think it’s so sad to call the skin of an animal cheap. I’m pretty sure the animal who died would happily take there cheap skin back!

There are some great online vegan shoe stores and stores that offer both non leather and leather  shoes, also available are Stella McCartney and Beyond Skin but I fond them to be a lot more expensove.

I have a solution: a place for you budget conscious fashionable ladies out there. Check out Cutsey Girl and Mod Cloth if you can they have some pretty great shoes and for a really a great price  Here are my picks.


2 thoughts on “In The Making Of My Shoes

  1. Thanks Cindy, I hope you find a pair! Thanks for the comment, with about 150 subscribers its hard to tell if the people you know are actually reading your blog 🙂 Seems they don’t subscribe.

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