Rooting For Riley

I love all animals even spiders! Yep I always save them from being crushed no matter how oogly googly they are! All living creatures deserve to live in my world. I wish everyone agreed. It is a slow and sometimes painful journey trying to encourage others to agree.

I read  a lot of stories about animals some good and some not so easy to read but I read them all. I feel that I owe it to all animals to read their stories, this way I can share in the heartache and be joyous for the ones that are saved. Every once in a while one of the stories really sticks out and touches your heart more than the others, I don’t know why but I chalk it up to the universe telling me it is my turn to speak up. Today I read about Riley, this little pigs story deserves a read.

Of all the tiny, shaking piglets in the crowded pen at a recent stockyard auction, Riley was the smallest, and clearly suffering. This poor baby was too sick to stand upright, his head awkwardly tilted to the side, and one of his eyes was nearly swollen shut. Cont reading….

Please read his story here

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