Way to take action Aritzia

Aritzia takes action on pulling product:

They have been fur free for a while now, bragging about how no fuzzy animals are harmed for their clothing, blah, blah, blah “Rest assured, none of your favourite animals (or even the ones you don’t like) were harmed to make the faux fur collar on this recycled wool coat” But this winter they have brought in racoon dog fur from China!!

Please email them and let them know what you think about people who sell fur from animals who were skinned alive on horrible Chinese fur farms!!

[email addresses of Aritzia employees have been deleted from this copy of the original post]

This Post By: Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns (VARK) “Activists Uniting For The Benefit of Animals”

UPDATE: Aritzia has removed these products from their stores and published a formal statement. Please send letters and emails thanking them for acting quickly, politely, and responsibly.

Please note:
This alert is not meant to incite any illegal activities and all the information in this message is for legal use only. We don’t take responsibility for other people’s actions no matter how much they make us smile. Thanks for your support.

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