Fur Around The Collar

Please check your products for animal usage, the winter season is usually full of furry collars and you don’t want to be wearing cat or dog or any animal who died a cruel painful death.

Fur is sexy, beautiful, sensuous and luxurious. Nothing feels better against your skin, and beautiful, sexy, successful people wear it. Fur is also environmentally friendly and is therefore a sustainable resource.

These are the campaigns the fur industry uses to get people to commit the ultimate atrocities permitted against animals. Consumers are misled by retailers who assure them that animals used for fur are humanely euthanized, intentionally hiding the reality of how the animals are hideously killed. Understand what makes this savage industry tick and what it will take to change it. Here is a mild video with people talking about the industry.

Skin Trade The Movie interviews insiders, designers, leaders and celebrities compiled in a heart-punching documentary directed and produced by award-winning director Shannon Keith.Whether you are a fan of fur or repulsed by the thought, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.

The Canadian Seal Hunt is actually happening in Canada, yes this is for real. Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. 275,000 will be killed this spring. 45 million of animals are killed in  farms each year 5 million are captured or killed in the nature (seals, wolves, tigers, etc) each year

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