“Brrrr” Just in time~ Vaute Couture Coats

Before we talk about the fabulous coats at Vaute Couture lets talk about why we should limit our use of wool.

Wool is another product that seems like it could be an innocent by-product, but just like cows are raised for leather, many sheep are raised only for wool.

Sheep raised for wool are bred to have wrinkly skin which produces more wool, but it also attracts flies and maggots. A procedure called mulesing is used to prevent this problem and involves cutting out a dinner plate-sized portion of skin from the sheep’s back usually with no anesthetic. The procedure itself can also attract flies and maggots which can cause deadly infections.

Workers who shear sheep are usually paid by the number of sheep they shear per hour,  so they are forced to move quickly and it’s not uncommon for ears, tails, nipples and skin to be accidentally removed in the process.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to these products made from synthetic materials that look exactly the same as the real thing. No one would ever know otherwise. These products usually tend to be less expensive than the real thing too. The best way to tell if something is made from animal products is to check the label. Animal-free clothing and accessories can be found in many stores and online.

If you are in need of a great winter jacket for this cold winter season, your winter coat search stops here. Vaute Couture is a tiny renegade fashion house that has developed a line of vegan, eco-conscious, fair trade clothing.

Vaute Couture‘s snuggly coats and jackets, made from recyclable vegan materials, warming bodies and hearts alike. The line is timeless, try on the black pea coat or the fashion-forward fluorescent puffers, they are  to die for.

“Vaute Couture proves that compassionate style can be cute chic and sexy”~ Oprah

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