An Organic Lives Lunch with Preet Marwaha

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with Preet Marwaha, owner and founder of Organic Lives. Organic Lives is located one block from the Main St. skytrain staion at 1829 Quebec; you can’t miss the old red brick building right on the corner.

Inside you will find Preet buzzing about attending to patrons and staff which he refers to as family, the happy faces vary, from the business like to the organic devotes.

The first thing I learned from one of the helpful family members, is that Preet makes and jars his own spices (YUM) with healthy being the main ingredient in all the food, and after personally reviewing the menu and enjoying my own lunch; you can see why Organic Lives has become so popular.

Preet started Organic Lives because he cares about the environment and its direct connection with the food we eat. After being forced to leave the corporate world he moved from Calgary to Vancouver to open up the first Organic Lives. With new locations on the horizon including a downtown take out window. Organic Lives is making it easy to access environmentaly healthy meals on the go.

Preet himself is a recovered colitis sufferer, he explained how he cured him self through a vegan diet. After years of failed medical advice it was the food that was able to make him healthy again.

Everything at Organic Lives is compostable, even the ink  for the labels is used from vegtable die. All the food is purchased from local farmers and homemade in house.

I look forward to my next visit at Organic Lives it was nutritious and delicious.  FYI, there are cooking classes too, every Thursday night!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Preet, he is so passionate about what he does. When you go say hello for me, and get one of the smoothies, they are divine!

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