Talk Dirty


You go to the store and you stand there looking at the rows and rows of cleaning products, the green cleaning products always catch your eye but  you always reach for your old standby. Like me you know the products are chemical ridden but unless you do your research you have no idea how terrible these products actually are.

So what does green really mean? biodegradable, cruelty free, and septic safe. Ok so why should I give up my products to buy green? I don’t even have a septic tank! Well for certain you know that it wasn’t squirted into the eyes of any cosmetics-tester rabbits and we’ve covered that the chemicals used are not going to corrode your septic tank, and even if you don’t own a septic tank those chemicals are going somewhere. Wouldn’t you rather know the products you’re using are going to eventually become one with the earth again?

One thing you should do is to always read labels carefully. If a product is marketed as ‘natural’ don’t just accept it – check the labels and it’s contents. If you don’t recognise some of the ingredients, look them up online. Yes, this process can be time consuming, but it’s also well worth it if you want to protect the planet and save some animals. The truth is that while some products do contain natural ingredients, they also include synthetic chemicals that are unhealthy.

Well that sounds good! So what ones should I use? I like Method it smells good, I can inhale it when I clean, my dog can lick it and not get sick! not that he does, but he could. Just sayin. You get the picture. Best of all, it works.

Other trusted brands are Seventh Generation, Vip, Green Works, and remember Simple Green? well it’s still around and its still simply green. So next time you go to reach for that old stand by cleaning product, give green a chance.

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