The Vegan Project with Brigette Burns

I met with Bridgette Burns today over a soy cappuccino at JJ Bean to talk about The Vegan Project, promoting a more compassionate lifestyle with out the pressure. 3 vegetarian’s who decided to try living vegan for a month and the outcome was to inspire others to do the same. The journey continued and the Vegan Project has successfully  inspired others to join them in sharing what they have learned along the way.

The Vegan Project will give you all the necessary tools to make better choices based around food, even if you don’t want to give up your current lifestyle or you’re just curious, the Vegan Project will help you choose your food more wisely. Through shared experiences and great recipes, follow the Vegan Project at

What is the Vegan Project? in their own words,

After learning about the disheartening impact of the meat and dairy industries on our health, the environment and the treatment of animals,we decided to try being vegan.  It became our Vegan Project.

Since September 2009, we’ve been documenting our experiences on this blog and sharing everything we’ve learned about living a vegan lifestyle in Vancouver, and beyond. We’ve had a lot of fun and met amazing new friends along the way.

In October, The Vegan Project began helping others try veganism by offering meal plans and shopping tips for anyone interested.

The Vegan Project would love to help you try veganism, too! Feel free to email us if you are interested at meet us [at] theveganproject [dot] ca.

The Vegan Project

for us, for them, for the planet

Bridget Burns, Jessica Grajczyk, Jen Hanover

Even if you are not planning on becoming a Vegan this blog is well worth the follow, I recommend you journey along with the Vegan Project, I know I am.

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