The Refinery Vancouver (Vegan on The Menu)

I came across this delicious meal at the Refinery located at 1115 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC.  It was completely VEGAN, not can I take out this and substitute that to be Vegan but an actual Vegan item on the menu.

I was so happy to see that word Vegan on the menu , I felt proud to see Vancouver’s local restaurants making small changes to accommodate a fast growing group of Vegan eaters in the city.

The item is a Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with red pepper and cashew “pate”, fresh dill, arugula pesto, it is filling and divine.

It was so delicious,  I have been trying to get back there ever since. Don’t take my word for it try it for your self. With an amazing wine list and  funky atmosphere and now with Vegan on the menu, you’re sure to have a pretty great time.

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