Animal Issues

Animals Used for Food

Factory Farming
Old MacDonald’s Farm may not be as pleasant as you’d thought.
Dairy and Veal
Dairy cows suffer greatly. Like all mammals, they must have babies to give milk. The veal industry is a result of the calves that are born.
Egg-laying chickens are some of the most abused farm animals on the planet.
Organic and Free-Range Meat
Organic, free-range, free-run—what does it all mean, and how “humane” is it?
Foie Gras
24 million ducks and geese die every year for the foie gras industry, which is illegal in Holland, Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, among others.
What does more damage to the planet than all the cars in the world put together? That’s right—it’s animal agriculture.

Animals Used for Clothing

Canadian Seal Hunt
Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. 275,000 will be killed this spring.
50 million animals die every year for fur. Many of them will be skinned alive.

Animals in Science

A cruel relic of earlier centuries, animal experimentation is no longer necessary and may actually be impeding our scientific progress.

Animals in Entertainment

Despite being marketed as the sport of wild, rank beasts versus brave men and women, rodeo is in actuality just another form of brutal animal abuse.

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