Olsen Haus : : Pure Vegan Shoes

I have spent countless hours looking for cruelty free clothing and shoes either locally or online. It was to my dissapointment to find lines that only cater to something my grandmother might wear. I did however recently discovered Olsen Haus. I purchased a pair of these shoes and I am loving them. In addition to offering cruelty-free shoes, Olsen Haus strive’s to provide you with the best service, and peace-of-mind concerning animal advocacy, sustainability, and human rights. Olsenhaus actively participates with animal advocacy organizations through financial and product support.

E C O   G R E E N :

Olsenhaus believes in accountability. The livestock/leather industry is the largest contributor to global warming, land devastation, environmental pollution, usage of valuable natural resources and water supply contamination. The leather industry is more harmful to the environment than the textiles, medicine, fertilizer, and paper industries. It is a 1.5 billion dollar industry that directly relates to abuse and death of 100 million animals from factory farms and slaughter houses.

From start to finish, the amount of energy required to create a leather hide is 20 times greater than the production of a synthetic material. The production of leather requires the transportation of feed to animals, removal of waste, electricity in housing facilities, electricity for operations and killing, pesticide use, vaccine and antibiotic use, transportation to remove carcasses and transportation of pelts.

I know how difficult it can be to find eco friendly and animal free clothing lines. As I find them I promise to post them. If you know of any please let me know. In the mean time do your best. I know I am.

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