Liberate Animals~ Vancouvers Animal Issues

Do you want to get involved but you don’t know how? Well here is a local Vancouver advocate that wears a big heart on their sleeve. Liberation BC offers a list of get involved Vancouver. Go ahead make a difference, the animals are waiting:

The holiday season is a great time to talk to others about how brutal and unnatural the turkey farming business is.
Foie Gras
You can convince Vancouver shops and restaurants that this cruel product is not welcome in your city.
Pappas Furs
We will continue to be at Pappas Furs until Aberdeen Centre kicks this vile furrier out of the mall! Learn more about the campaign here!
Canadian Seal Hunt
Every March, Liberation BC joins with other animal rights groups to protest Canada’s embarrassing “hunt” of baby seals.
Walk for Farm Animals
Every year since 2007, we’ve organized the Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals. All funds raised go to Farm Sanctuary!
In a real sport, all participants are willing. The rodeo is nothing but animal abuse.

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