Sonja Picard Jewelry For Charity

The concept of ‘seva’, or service, is highly valued at SPC. Karma Yoga Jewelry is a line where a full 100% of net proceeds are forwarded to one of five not-for-profit organizations yearly.

SPC has been evolving since 2000 as a company based on the artistic vision of Sonja Picard. With over 300 pieces in the Collection, a Couture line, Karma Yoga Jewelry for charity, Manipura Belts, sculpture, and a home décor line filling her gallery, SPC continues to be a playground of expression for the designer.

Yogic consciousness permeates SPC’s corporate principles. Sonja explains, “Thoughtful consumption and how we leave the Earth and its resources for future souls is a mindful yogic principle of karmic consciousness, and this translates as ahimsa, or non-injury.”

This attention is also applied as a concerted effort in the reduction of carbon imprint. SPC’s intention is to work with local suppliers and artisans, thus buoying the local economy and creating lasting relationships within the community. This mandate also supports Sonja’s vision to maintain the highest quality and excellence in each and every piece that bears her name.

The Sonja Picard Collection can be found in stores and galleries in North America. The SPC Studio, Gallery and Showroom is located in Ladner Village, outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.



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